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2403 Generative Communication - Part 2: Reverse Mimicry


Ever wondered what your pet might have you do if they could swap bodies with you? The second installment in the series on generative communication dives deep into this intriguing question. Join us as we explore the transformative game of motor imitation, flipping the script on traditional mimicry practices used in training and behavior modification. What to Expect: 1. Strategies for motor imitation: mirroring, simultaneous mimicry vs. turn taking. 2. The importance of emphasizing function over form in communication. 3. Real-life examples showcasing the transformative power of this concept. Witness how the game of motor imitation enables dogs to construct support strategies for themselves, leading to outcomes we might never have considered. Sign up now and stay tuned for more revelations in our generative communication series! Free for R+evolution members!


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