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2402 Generative Communication - Part 1: Teaching Animals to Point


Ever wondered what your pet is thinking or wanting to express? Join us for the first installment of the "Generative Communication" series. This on-demand webinar is geared toward pet guardians, offering easy practical steps that you can implement right away. In just 35 minutes, you will learn how to teach animals to point, opening a new channel for expressing their wants and needs. Complete with example videos, and stories from real-life cases, recapping the fascinating insights we have gained from animals who learned this skill. What's Inside: 1. Step-by-step exercises illustrating how to teach animals to point as a means of communication. 2. Real-life cases and stories showcasing the power of generative communication. 3. Practical insights from examples and videos. This is just the beginning! More webinars from this series will be released soon, offering even more exercises and insights to foster communication and collaboration with animals like never before. Join us now to embark on an enriching journey of connection with your four-legged friend. Free for R+evolution members!


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