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Course 2308 Re-Workshop Fundamentals with Jenn Dize & Sara Richter, CDBC

2308 Re-Workshop Fundamentals


This ongoing and dynamic hybrid course offers bite-sized lessons on behavior science and analysis concepts, all from a learner-centered teaching lens. This series will equip participants to apply these concepts to our work with animals. Here's what's in store: 🧠 Conceptual Exploration: Unravel the intricacies of behavior science concepts like functional relevance, motivating operations, mands, multiple exemplar training, scaffolding, and more! Gain a comprehensive understanding of each, and how they impact animal training. 🕵️ Critical Analysis Skills: Learn to dissect existing behavioral strategies. Understand their core components and the pivotal role they play in training. Empower yourself to reorganize and replace strategies, creating a more learner-centered approach. 🔄 Ongoing, Bite-sized Lessons: Our course is not a one-time event. It's an ongoing journey, exclusively for our valued members. Expect frequent, concise lessons that fit seamlessly into your schedule, ensuring consistent growth. 👥 Free Access for Members: This course is absolutely free for our members. It's our way of investing in your growth and enriching your collaboration toolkit. In this hybrid series, we will introduce a concept via a brief video and/or written material; post a case study in the forum for application practice, followed by a live Zoom to debrief the case study and consider additional application opportunities. CEUs KPA (4)


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