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Course 2301 Introducing Collaborative Care Featuring Sara Richter, CDBC

2301 Introducing Collaborative Care

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This one hour recorded webinar Introduces the foundational theory behind of a revolutionary approach to building confidence in care tasks and reduces coercion, cultivates curiosity and engages the learner collaboratively by empowering them to use directive communication to guide the interaction. Collaborative care differs from traditional approaches to cooperative care in a number of ways, including but not limited to: 1. Clarifying contingencies, and manipulate variables such as reciprocal response effort to require comparatively more effort for opt-in behaviors than opt out behaviors which can then provide an observable measure of unobservable internal processes such as intrinsic motivation to engage in the task. 2. No extrinsic reinforcement is added for opting in, we intentionally bias toward the opt out to build confidence more quickly. 3. Selection of contrived communicative gestures gives consideration to allowing the animal to continue to observe the task as it proceeds. 4. Communication extends far beyond opting in (start buttons) and opting out, to empower the animal to set criteria throughout the process using specific contrived gestures that allow them to proactively direct and construct how the interaction will proceed with preferential input such as pace, location, type of touch, adding an object, etc. Intended for: Professional Trainers and Behavior Consultants Learning Theory Enthusiasts Geeky Dog Guardians CEUs: KPA (1)


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