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Who is behind R+evolution?

Our community is! Everything from the purpose of our community to the topics of events are driven by our members. We are innovating together with no top-down power structure. As an egalitarian community, we welcome guardians, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, and firmly believe that everyone is a valuable contributor to the mission

We are all learners and we are all teachers.

What role do admins play?

Admins are facilitators. They do the leg work to provide space for conversations, centralize the gathering of feedback, implement community ideas,  support members, and help to resolve any issues. They also manage the internal work of maintaining and improving features of the platform, accounting, marketing & promotion, outreach, insurance, taxes, etc. They love participating in the community with everyone else - as learners, not leaders.


The R+evolution community is an egalitarian, educational, and activist group with animal and human empowerment as core values.  We welcome guardians, professionals and enthusiasts alike, and firmly believe that everyone is a valuable contributor to this mission. We acknowledge that BIPOC, queer, and neurodivergent voices have been systemically excluded from this industry. We seek to dismantle barriers to inclusion and prioritize those voices here. Admins support community-identified goals as we unlock new approaches using learner-centered principles, creativity and curiosity. This is only the beginning of our advocacy for more effective, safe, compassionate and empowering standards for humans and animals alike. As the R+evolution grows, we aim for our members' voices to be included in larger industry conversations. Living our mission requires constant collaboration among our members, and we hope you will join us!

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