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  • What is the goal of the platform?
    R+evolution is a grassroots movement dedicated diversifying the perspectives heard and valued in our industry. Our goal is to build a hub where users can effortlessly access emerging voices and innovative concepts, making it easy for them to stay connected with the cutting edge of animal training, animal welfare, and related industries. We believe access to such a hub will revolutionize the industry.
  • What are the benefits for instructors?
    1. 100% Profit to Creators: When you create an online course with R+evolution, we commit to providing you with the entirety of the fee you set for your course. We believe in fair compensation for your hard work and expertise. 2. Passive Revenue Stream: By creating a course on our platform, you open up the opportunity to earn a passive income stream. Once your course is set up, you can enjoy the benefits of additional revenue effortlessly. 3. No Setup Costs: Creating a course on R+evolution is completely covered by our organization, and free for you. There are no upfront costs involved, making it easier for you to share your expertise without financial barriers. 4. Easy Course Building with Our Software: We understand that course creation can be daunting, especially for those new to online education. We will be available to provide guidance throughout the process of building your course to support your entry onto our platform. 5. Full Rights Retention: Your content is your intellectual property, and we respect that. At R+evolution, we will never ask you to sign a non-compete clause, ensuring you retain full rights to your course material. 6. Broader Reach: Courses run through our site are not limited to our membership. We aim to make knowledge accessible to anyone interested in learning about animal training and behavior. 7. Free Access to the R+evolution Community. A $240/year value! Our community of animal trainers, pet professionals, and passionate pet guardians is all about collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. We’re driven by learner-centered principles, agency, and choice as we co-create transformative learning experiences for animals and their human companions. Join us in this exciting journey for free!
  • How will payment work, and how often will I be paid?
    Payments will be sent monthly via the instructor’s preferred payment method. Payouts will be calculated on the first business date following the 1st of the month for the month prior, beginning when the course is published.
  • What is the Agreement for?
    The agreement outlines the responsibilities of the course creator and R+evolution, respectively. It covers that the instructor will: provide their course’s content, adhere to copyright laws, not access other creators’ content, have insurance (creators who do not have general liability insurance may be added to R+evolution’s policy for $25, to be deducted from payment) It also covers that R+evolution will: Provide guidance on how to use the WIX platform and manage course content Promote the course Manage participant registration Additionally, it codifies: That R+evolution has no right to any of the course materials and instructors are welcome to sell parts, whole copies, and/or versions of their course on any platform How payment works
  • How much work do I need to put into making a course?
    A course can be as little or big as you like! It could contain single recorded webinar presentation, a few short units on a single skill or topic, or longer multi-unit complex topic format depending on what you would like to teach about. If you have more than one idea for a course, we are happy to talk about setting up more! The wix platform allows you to use text, images, videos, audio, embed social media posts and so much more to create your lessons in the format that is most comfortable for you. You are free to edit or update them at any time.
  • What format will courses be in?
    Instructors can utilize written, audio and/or video content. Courses can be webinar-style, intended to be viewed in one sitting, or they can be multi-week courses that build week-to-week with quizzes to move on to the next section, and/or any mix of those options.
  • What audience are courses being marketed to, professionals, guardians, both?
    Courses, and participation in all aspects of R+evolution, are open to professionals and guardians. Course content can be geared toward either audience or toward both. Marketing will reach both audiences.
  • Can my course be eligible for CEUs?
    Yes. If your course meets eligibility criteria, we will submit the appropriate paperwork to request CEU eligibility for IAABC, CCPDT, and/or KPA.
  • Can I offer scholarships & sliding scale purchase options?
    Yes. We will assign a scholarship code per course, and we will not impose any limits on number of uses. We will work with you on payment plans and/or reduced cost options if you decide to offer them.
  • How will my course be advertised/promoted?
    Promotion of courses will happen on multiple platforms, including but not limited to: the R+evolution website and app, push notifications, social media posts, and/or emails.
  • Can I post courses I already have made?
    Yes! There are no restrictions imposed by R+evolution as to where your content is posted. Your content is yours to publish as you like!
  • Can I edit the course after it has been created?
    Yes. Instructors will retain access to the WIX platform and can edit their content at any time.
  • Can I make more than one course?
    Yes! Simply let Jenn and/or Sara know that you’re interested in creating additional courses and they will work with you on setup.
  • Can I let my clients into my course?
    Yes! They’ll need to create a login, and they can be added to the course at your request.
  • Will I be subject to deadlines?
    Nope! You can build your course at your pace, and we'll be here to support you along the way.
  • How much interaction is there with course participants?
    As much or as little as you like! We are creating self-paced self-study courses, meaning no interaction is required. However, our course creators are given free access to our membership community (a $240/year value) and there are lots of options for increasing interaction with participants to facilitate ongoing discussion and interaction. Examples include a dedicated forum category, zoom events, chat conversations, and more!
  • What steps are available to increase sales if my course is not performing well?
    If a course is not performing well, we have a number of options available. We can utilize social media platforms, emails and push notifications, among others. We will consult with you about options and your preferences if your course isn’t performing. We will always be available to chat about any concerns.
  • Will I receive data on course sales?
    Your monthly statement will include number of people signed up for the course. Additionally, you can access those numbers in the WIX platform.
  • What happens if another instructor accesses and/or uses my material inappropriately?
    While we cannot restrict access to individual courses on the WIX platform, accessing another instructor’s content is prohibited in the Agreement and will result in the immediate revocation of that instructor’s access to WIX and the removal of their course from the platform.
  • How many instructors are participating?
    We have just started offering course creation in the last month. We have sending out invitations and people are in various stages of development. We currently have 16 confirmed courses and are growing! Those who commit first have an exclusivity advantage - relatively few topics are taken, so you can pursue creating a course with the content you are most passionate about.
  • I am already selling my courses, why should I add them to your platform?
    We want to help you to expland your reach and provide another passive income stream through our platform, while we do the heavy lifting of managing sales and provide additional publicity through our website, social media, etc.
  • How do the community and the courses intersect, if at all?
    Membership in the community gives members access to live zoom events, members-only educational content, and a discussion board. Courses are open to members and non-members alike. Participants do not need to join the community to take courses. We provide access to the community for course creators so that they can interact with our community members, some of whom will undoubtedly be engaging with their course(s). We also hope our talented course creators will engage with the concepts being moved forward by the community. The part of R+evolution dedicated to the courses is values-driven, not profit-driven - the people creating courses will receive 100% of the profit from their courses.
  • I'm interested, what are the next steps?
    If you are interested in moving forward, we will send over an agreement, the purpose of this document is to outline our commitment in writing to you that we will uphold the terms that we proposed here, and provides us with the information we need to pay you for sales of your course. You are not bound to any term commitments and can sever the agreement in writing at any time. When the agreement form is complete, we will then set you up with a collaborator account to access your course. We can also provide a zoom meeting to guide you through the features to build your course if you would like. From there you can build at your pace, and we will be here to support you as needed. When the course is ready, we will have a final look to make sure everything is working properly (such as embedded links, etc.) and send you a one page form in which you can set the fee you would like to receive per enrollment in the course, and you will be paid 100% of this amount per enrollment in your course. We understand that it can be difficult to set a price for your work until you know how much has gone into it and what the final product entails, which is why we wait to take this step until the end. Once we receive your fee form, we will sign in agreement and you will receive a copy of that for your records. We will then publish your course and begin promotion and sales. Sales will be calculated monthly, and you will receive a monthly emailed report and payment through the method you select in the agreement, options include direct deposit and Venmo.
  • I'd like more information, can we meet over Zoom?
    Of course! Send us a message at to let us know you would like to meet for more information, and we will get that set up ASAP. We look forward to chatting with you!
  • Who is behind R+evolution?
    The community is! R+evolution has two admins: Jenn Dize and Sara Richter. Their role in the organization is to perform the day to day tasks of operating and improving upon the platform, to provide the best experience possible to our contributors and our members, and to facilitate the goals of the community.
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