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Are you an aspiring animal training and behavior professional eager to make a meaningful impact?We're not just changing the game – we're rewriting the rules, as a collective force seeking to dismantle barriers to entry in this industry. We believe that together we can be the change we seek.




हर महीने

Join a Supportive Community

Connect with a community that understands your journey. Whether you're taking your first steps or transitioning from another field, our members share insights, experiences, and a passion for reshaping the landscape of animal training.

Exclusive Events

Innovative Learning Experiences

Dive into the science and art of animal behavior and training with our curated courses and webinars, with a ground-breaking learner-centered focus. Our courses and discussions are designed to be accessible, enjoyable, and filled with "aha" moments that deepen your understanding of the field.

From educational discussions to deep dive educational re-workshops and fun social events, our calendar is filled with unique experiences tailored just for you. 

Shaping the Future

By becoming a member, you're not merely investing in your career, you're aligning with a movement reshaping industry standards, fostering diversity, and championing a collaborative future. Enjoy opportunities to receive and give support as you establish your career.

Business Launchpad

Launch your career with confidence. Membership covers select business essentials like a personalized webpage. Opportunities to tap into our established social media and web presence amplify your professional profile, connecting you with potential clients, collaborators, and opportunities. Our goal is to reduce your overhead costs and make entry to this industry more accessible. As our organization grows, we aspire to increase our offerings to include even more features!

Member Perks

Access the Forum 

Some Courses/Webinars Free for Members (Approved for CEUs)

10% off all other Courses/Webinars

Access Member-Only Events Happening Every Week

Access Recordings of Past Events

Create Your Own Events

Network and Access Unique Mentorship Opportunities.

Get a Personalized Website Page for Your Business to Increase Your Web Visibility

Publish Posts to The Blog To Reach a Wider Audience

Create Online Courses and Webinars to Earn Passive Income

Join us on the Podcast to share your Thoughts and Ideas with the World.

Join TikTok Lives and Share Your Social Media Posts to the R+evolution Pages to Reach More Potential Clients

"I think it is going to be the forefront of training to come."

Elizabeth, Founding Member

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