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Are you a pet guardian fascinated by the intricate world of animal behavior and training? We invite you to embark on a thrilling journey into the nerdy nuances of learner-centered approaches. Here's why our community and services stand out for pet guardians like you:


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Community of Like-Minded People

Join a vibrant community of nerdy guardians, pros and enthusiasts who share your passion. Swap stories, insights, and perspectives, creating connections that go beyond the basics of pet care and into the fascinating world of learner-centered strategies for learning and growth with our animals. 

Exclusive Events

From in-depth discussions to fun, pet-friendly social events, our calendar is filled with unique experiences tailored just for you.

Joyful Learning

Explore the science and art of animal behavior and training with our curated courses and webinars. Our courses and discussions are designed to be accessible, enjoyable, and filled with "aha" moments that deepen your understanding of animals and enrich your relationship with your pets.

Support Our Mission

By becoming a member you become part of a movement that advocates for accessible education, inclusivity, and bettering the future of the industry. As a guardian, you are an integral part of that future and your voice is needed, wanted, and welcomed here.

Member Perks

Access the Forum 

Some Courses/Webinars Free for Members

10% off all other Courses/Webinars

Access Member-Only Events Happening Every Week

Access Recordings of Past Events

Create Your Own Events

"I think it is going to be the forefront of training to come."

Elizabeth, Founding Member

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