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100 Black-Owned Pet Businesses and Creators

As we celebrate Black History Month, it's essential to reflect on ways we can actively contribute to the empowerment of the Black community. One impactful avenue is supporting small black-owned businesses and creators. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of uplifting these voices within the pet industry, and we're excited to share a curated list of 100 black-owned pet businesses and creators that deserve your attention.

Why Support Black-Owned Businesses and Creators?

  1. Economic Empowerment: Supporting black-owned businesses contributes to the economic empowerment of the Black community. By investing in these businesses, we help build wealth within the community.

  2. Representation Matters: Representation is crucial in every industry, including the pet sector. Supporting black-owned pet businesses ensures a more diverse and inclusive representation of voices, perspectives, and talents within the pet community.

  3. Catalyzing Local Impact: Small businesses, particularly those owned by Black entrepreneurs in the pet industry, are the backbone of local economies. By supporting these businesses, we directly contribute to the well-being and vitality of our neighborhoods, creating a positive ripple effect on the entire community.

  4. Cultural Enrichment: Black-owned businesses bring cultural richness to the market. These businesses often infuse their products and services with unique cultural elements, contributing to a more vibrant and diverse marketplace.

  5. Amplifying Diverse Voices: Supporting black-owned pet businesses is a powerful step towards amplifying diverse voices within the industry. By actively engaging with and uplifting these entrepreneurs, we contribute to a more inclusive and representative pet community, where a variety of perspectives and talents can flourish. This not only enriches the industry's narrative but also fosters an environment where every voice is heard, celebrated, and valued.

Below we have created a list of 100 phenomenal entrepreneurs and creators in the pet world:

(1) Pawstries | All Natural Pet Products

(2) Woofcat | Pet Treats & Conscious Pet Parenting™ Movement

(3) In Pups We Trust | Enrichment, Toys, Care Products & More!

(4) S&J Canine Co. | Homemade Treats

(5) Little L's | All Natural Artisan Pet Treats

(6) Doggy Dog Treats By Jazzy

(7) Berllowe | Pet Portrait Jewelery

(8) Dr. Donita | Concierge and Mobile Vet

(9) AJ's Dog Bakery | Treats

(10) Lena's Pet Goodies

(11) Dog On It | Delicious and Nutritious

(12) Bentley's Bakery | Subscription Box

(13) Mollie B's Grooming and Dog Bakery

(14) Dr. Shermaine Wilson Cox | Mobile Veterinarian

(15) Kassidi Jones | Antiracist Animal Advocacy

(16) Raven Baang | Dog Trainer

(17) Companions and Animals for Reform and Equity (C.A.R.E.)

(18) Pamela Brown | Dog Trainer

(19) Ayoka Bubar BA, CPDT-KA, CCUI | Dog Trainer

(20) "Yes" and Treats Training

(21) Redemption Dog Education | Dog Trainer

(22) Urban Uplander Pet Care LLC | Dog Trainer

(23) Tia | Advocate for Diversity & Inclusion in the Pet Space

(24) Q&A Dog Training

(25) Jerri Scherff, CPDT-KA | Dog Trainer

(26) Player Two Dog Training

(27) Golden Heart Dog Training | Dog Training

(28) Teach a Dog To Fish | Dog Trainer

(29) Paws & Wags Pet Co. | Mobile Pet Store

(30) Dr. Megan Covington (PhD) | Dog Training

(31) Bonkers About Animals | PetCoach + PetParent Courses

(32) Ava's Pet Palace | Treats

(33) Cameron Bonitto | Dog Trainer

(34) Evolutionary Dog Training

(35) Come Wag Along | Dog Mom and Family Shop

(36) Smart Bitch Dog Training

(37) Laurie C. Williams CCUI CDTI | Dog Trainer

(38) Aaron Michael Louis | Pet Content Creator

(39) Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuit Co.

(40) Pawtastic Tummies | Dog Treats & Dog Food

(41) Puppatreat

(42) Paw Spa | Luxury Pet Groomer

(43) Metro Mutts | Dog Walking & Cat Sitting

(44) Kunle Thomas | Certified Groomer

(45) Tip Top Breedz Dog Training

(46) Pooch Styles | Pet Grooming

(47) Les Pawtites | Pet Care

(48) Puppington | Pet Supplies

(49) Midoricide NaturalPets | Natural - Organic Skincare & Grooming Pet Care Products

(50) Apollos Paw | Pet Skin Care Products

(51) Mudlane | Candles for Dog People

(52) Pardo Naturals | Natural Skincare for Pets

(53) Paws Closet | Pet Apparel Boutique

(54) The Bark Shoppe | Premier Pet Care

(55) Bark Organix | Custom Vegan Dog Treats

(56) Wanderlust Paws Co. | Travel Pet Fashion

(57) For The Culture Pet | Pet Clothes and Accessories

(58) Sir Dogwood | Modern Dog Clothes & Accessories

(59) House Dogge | Modern Dog Products

(60) Offleash'd | A Social App Connecting People Through Pets

(61) Sir Darius Brown | Pet Advocate & Content Creator

(62) Bark and Tumble | Cozy Pet Products and Accessories

(63) Esqo & Co. | Luxury Pet Boutique

(64) Trillpaws | Cool Products for Pets

(65) Black Dog Bark | Dog Trainer

(66) D.R.E.A.M. Pet Co. | Natural Premium Dog Treats

(67) Paws N Play Pet Care | Posh Private Petsitting

(68) Pupscale Events | Planning Pet-Friendly Events

(69) MuddyDOG Fitness | Mobile Gym For Dogs

(70) Ellis Organix | Thoughtful Nutrition for Pets

(71) It’s the Pawsome Place LLC | Trendy Gear for Pets

(72) Olive + Company | Pet Care

(73) Pet Plate | Gourmet Pet Food

(74) Pet Parent Allies | Dog Trainer

(75) Canine Centric | Dog Trainer

(76) Aditi CPDT-KSA| Dog Trainer

(77) Kelli Parker | Dog Trainer

(78) Metro Dog Training

(79) Dogs Speak Dog Training

(80) Pet Vibes | Pet Boutique

(81) ClubDogMom | Creating Community Through Apparel

(82) Poshie Pets | Bath Bombs for Pets

(83) Melodic Paws | Pet Groomer

(84) Pupcake Sugar | Recipe Creator and Author

(85) Love Yo Pup | Locally Sourced, Humanely Harvested, Organic Dog Treats

(86) Tower's Treats | Homemade Dog Treats

(87) Lenox Ave | Handcrafted Pet Accessories

(88) Lick You Silly | Pet Products

(89) Tails Help Heal | Pet Loss and Grief Counseling

(90) Mias Pawnique Palace | Pet Boutique

(91) Pawer to the People | Pet Accessories

(92) Nova West Supplies | All Natural Pet Products

(93) Yummy Brothers | Natural Dog Treats

(94) Small Big Dog Naturals | Natural Dog Chews

(95) Good Boy Goodies | All Natural Dog Treats

(96) Grumpy Puppy Barkery | Pet Supplies and Treats

(97) Shuree's Organics | Locally Sourced, Handmade Dog Treats

(98) Rebel Treats | Homemade Healthy Dog Treats

(99) NandiPets | Natural Pet Treats

(100) Homescape | Natural Pet Supplements and Chews

This Black History Month, let's move beyond mere recognition and embark on a journey of active contribution to a more inclusive future. By championing black-owned pet businesses and creators, we not only uplift voices that may have been historically underrepresented but also actively shape a pet community that is vibrant, diverse, and reflective of the world we inhabit. Join us in celebrating the ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit within the Black community.

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