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New Monthly Themes & Innovative Events Coming in 2024

Updated: Jan 18

NEW IN 2024

Monthly Themes and Progressive Sessions!

We hope this message finds you well and ready for an enriching year ahead! As part of our commitment to providing valuable experiences, we're thrilled to announce an exciting enhancement to our events in 2024.


Each month will be dedicated to a specific theme, designed for comprehensive exploration of significant topics. We believe this approach will lead to a more profound, nuanced, and informed understanding of subjects such as power and privilege, cognition, learning, behavior, communication, and more.

We have also added decompression events every Sunday to ensure opportunities for social connection continue.


Monthly Arcs Building Toward Learning Outcomes

Over the course of the month, each session will build on the foundation laid by the previous event. This thoughtful progression is aimed at achieving established learning outcomes for the month, ensuring that we are collectively growing our understanding of the theme.

Structured Learning Experiences

Within each month, we will introduce and delve deeper into the chosen theme. Each session will kick off with an element to establish a shared understanding of the topic. This could be pre-reading materials, a short video to watch ahead of time, or a conceptual overview at the beginning of the session.

When there is pre-work, a note that there is pre-work and a link to the pre-work will be included in the event description on the homepage and on the event signup page. All pre-work will be maintained in an Event Resources course for easy access before, during, and after events.

Interactive Sessions

As always, events will continue to run on active participation and the co-creation of knowledge. Participants will have the opportunity to share questions and thoughts, and contribute to deepening the collective understanding of the theme. It's a collaborative journey where everyone's insights play a crucial role.

We are excited about this new format and believe it will elevate the event experience and foster a community of shared learning and growth.



Learning Outcomes: Participants will deconstruct R+ training to explore inherent inequities and identify opportunities for increasing learner-centered methods.


Learning Outcomes: Participants will understand what is known about dogs' cognitive capabilities and explore the value and limitations of research in this area.


Learning Outcomes: Participants will explore multiple learning theories, dive into the role of reinforcement in learning, and consider how Relational Frame Theory builds on prior understanding of learning.

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