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FREE 14-Day Dog Enrichment Summit

Enrichment is a hot topic, but it can be a confusing one too! Would your dog prefer puzzles, toys, games, or just walks around the block? How about something totally fresh and exciting? Our dogs enjoy new experiences and games just as much as we do, but navigating the world of dog enrichment can feel overwhelming.


If you struggle to figure out how best to provide your dog with enrichment, then you are definitely in the right place!


My friend Barb Buchmayer has interviewed over 25 dog experts for this complimentary summit. There has never been an enrichment event like this! Grab your free ticket now. What do you have to lose?

Along with other experts, I will be sharing how Choice-Based Communication™ can help us to empower our dogs to tell us how to best meet their needs. Taking the guesswork and wasted time out enrichment, and improving fulfillment for Dogs and their beloved humans.


And I’ve got a FREE ticket for you. Join the Dog Enrichment Summit here.


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