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Red Flags in Dog Training Mentorship

In this episode the R+evolution Podcast Jenn and Sara sit down with Abbey Johnson, CPDT-KA, FDM, and Maddie Speirs, SAPT, for an honest and vulnerable discussion on the profound impact of predatory mentorship experiences within the animal training industry. Through their courageous narratives, Abbey and Maddie illuminate a shared reality—many aspiring professionals unknowingly face unsupportive or even traumatic situations when entering the field. Their stories, though uniquely their own, mirror the challenges countless individuals encounter.

Abbey's call for similar stories echoes a resounding truth: no one should navigate this journey alone. Together, we explore prevalent trends and potential red flags to empower future trainers. But the conversation doesn't stop here.

Join us in mid-October for a live Zoom Topic Chat, where we'll delve deeper into this crucial dialogue. Together, we'll chart a course for a more inclusive, supportive, and accessible mentorship landscape, ensuring the next generation of trainers thrives.

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