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Re-Workshop Fundamentals (Course 2308)

Join us to discuss the concepts introduced in the online course 2308 Re-Workshop Fundamentals.

Service Description

This ongoing and dynamic hybrid course offers bite-sized lessons on behavior science and analysis concepts, all from a learner-centered teaching lens. This series will equip participants to apply these concepts to our work with animals. Participants must complete the brief lesson materials in the corresponding online course to attend the zoom session. Here's what's in store: 🧠 Conceptual Exploration: Unravel the intricacies of behavior science concepts like functional relevance, motivating operations, mands, multiple exemplar training, scaffolding, and more! Gain a comprehensive understanding of each, and how they impact animal training. 🕵️ Critical Analysis Skills: Learn to dissect existing behavioral strategies. Understand their core components and the pivotal role they play in training. Empower yourself to reorganize and replace strategies, creating a more learner-centered approach. 🔄 Ongoing, Bite-sized Lessons: Our course is not a one-time event. It's an ongoing journey, exclusively for our valued members. Expect frequent, concise lessons that fit seamlessly into your schedule, ensuring consistent growth. 👥 Free Access for Members: This course is absolutely free for our members. It's our way of investing in your growth and enriching your collaboration toolkit. In this hybrid series, we will introduce a concept via a brief video and/or written material; post a case study in the forum for application practice, followed by a live Zoom to debrief the case study and consider additional application opportunities.

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