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Self-Paced Courses

We are building a hub where users can effortlessly access diverse voices, perspectives, and innovative concepts. We're committed to breaking down traditional capitalist models, ensuring that creators are compensated fairly for their valuable contributions. At R+evolution, we cover all the costs,  from software and hosting to promotion and sales management, so our creators can focus on what they do best: creating exceptional content that inspires and educates. Course creators don't pay a dime to offer their courses here; instead, they set their own fees and receive 100% of that amount, while retaining complete control over their intellectual property. By removing financial barriers and championing diverse voices and perspectives, we aspire to reshape the landscape of animal training, welfare, and related industries.

Enrollment in our courses is open to everyone, regardless of membership status. Our vibrant membership community offers a host of exclusive benefits such as access to select courses for free and a 10% discount on all other courses. By joining, you gain access to a wealth of additional perks and you directly support the sustainability and expansion of this platform. This model enables us to stay devoted to a cornerstone of our mission: dismantling barriers to inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility.

10% Off Courses for Members

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Interested in offering a course?

Have an idea for a course? Or have a webinar or course ready to go that you would like to cross-post to our site to increase visibility? Please get in touch using the button below, we would love to discuss it.

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